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Nothing was impossible for him as he believed in himself: This is Anthony Izreal Way

Through his soulful recovery music and refreshing compositions in the genres of Hip Hop, RnB, and Christian music, artist Anthony Izreal Way has proved to be a breath of fresh air in the music industry

Hollywood, Florida – June 23rd, 2021 – emerging musician Anthony Izreal Way is a true artist in the genres of Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, and Christian music. His aim is to deliver positive and optimistic messages through his music. He released his…


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Crafting compelling compositions in the world of Pop and Hip Hop: Introducing UJ FISHER

Rising star UJ FISHER is all ready to take over the music world by a storm through his incredible musical compositions and outstanding skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer

Bismarck, North Dakota – June 21st, 2021 – emerging artist UJ FISHER is bringing about a wave of change in the world of music, especially in the genres of Hip Hop, Pop, and Electronic. His brand new single titled “Down the Valley of Rose” is set to be released on…


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Resurgent Street Rock Italia and Punk Rhythms: Seasoned Italian Artist CRASCIO Driven to Enthrall with New Album

Captivating listeners with his magnetic, and stirring musical compositions, rising singer and song writer, CRASCIO is making an impact in the musical world, with his electrifying new album, ‘Sderenato’.

Milano, Lombardia, Italy – June 20th, 2021 – Changing the face of Alternative and Punk Rock music, eclectic musical sensation, CRASCIO is making the rounds in the music industry, with his gritty…


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Releasing iconic Hip Hop album ‘City of Gems’: Presenting to the world Geminijynx.

Through his incredible Hip Hop compositions and ability to meld different musical styles together, emerging artist Geminijynx is playing a huge role in reviving New York’s Hip Hop culture scene.

Yonkers, New York – (press release date) – rising artist Geminijynx is the future of music in New York, especially in the genre of Hip Hop. He released his brand new album titled ‘City of Gems’ on June 11th, 2021, through which he’s hoping for the…


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Catchy and Enlivening Pop, Hip Hop, and Rap Rhythms: Jamaican Sensation Jamake Set to Soar with Dynamic Musical Compositions

With the release of a refreshing new collaboration with contemporary rising artists under the purview of Makeinhere LLC Ginvelle Records, budding Pop singer and song writer, Jamake is driven to make a name for himself in the stunning world of music, following his own rhymes and rhythms.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – June 18th, 2021 – Using a rich and eclectic musical talent, which is rooted in smooth delivery and seamless flow, rising singer…


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Bringing Back Authentic and Refreshing Hip Hop Rhythms: Artist-Activist Optimistic Unveils New Single

Breathing life back into the tried and tested Hip Hop and Rap genres, rising artist Optimist is set to amaze the music industry, as he energizes listeners with his unique and exciting new single, “K.M.A”.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania– June 21st, 2021 – Breaking away from the mainstream Rap and Hip -Hop scene, rising singer and song writer, Optimistic is staying true to his name, spreading light and positivity through music. An eclectic artist,…


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Raw and Moving Hip Hop Tribute: PrinceofDaMob Amazes with New Single “LETTER 2 MY FATHER”

Inspiring listeners with a heartfelt new wave of music, rising 11-year-old singer and song writer, PrinceofDaMob is driven to take the music world by storm, while winning hearts with his touching tribute- a letter from a loving young boy to his devoted father.

Baltimore, Maryland – June 7th, 2021 – Rising up ranks to become the memorable new face of Hip Hop and Rap music, singer, and song writer, PrinceofDaMob is an 11-year-old artist who is…


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Up-and-coming Songwriter and Singer Annie J Shakes Things Up in The World of Pop with Her Timely, Powerful and Pertinent New Release

An industry often criticized for being too male dominated has seen a flourish of ambitious and talented women take center stage and Annie J is no exception. Her talent has already made her a recognizable figure in the world of pop.

Wellington, New Zealand  – June 14th, 2021 – It is highly unlikely that die-hard fans of pop, especially those that keep track of the latest stars on the scene, have not heard of up-and-coming star…


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Percussive Acoustic Alternative Rhythms Echoing Daniel Johnston : Outsider and Grunge Folk Artist Andrew Neil Unveils New Album

Encompassing listeners with a warm, soft, mellow, and loving echo, budding Outsider artist and songwriter AndrewNeil is driven to win hearts with his new album “Sunny Side”, drawing a parallel to the work of the Great outsider songwriter Daniel Johnston.

Charlottesville, Virginia – June 18th, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Andrew Neil is becoming a stirring force in the world of…


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Famously known as the original Caribbean Reggae artist and band: Presenting to the world Mighty Iceberg

Through its originality and creativity, Mighty Iceberg has brought in a breath of fresh air in the music scene and is all set to take over the Reggae world with a storm.

Rialto, California – June 16th, 2021 – the emerging band Mighty Iceberg is one of a kind in the genres of Reggae and Soca. With the release of their single titled “Share the Same Love”, Mighty Iceberg brought about a massive wave of music in the Caribbean region and are…


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A new and emerging name in the world of Pop: This is Freya Kennafr

Crafting compelling tunes and staying true to herself as an artist, Freya Kennafr is a young and rising Pop singer who wishes to add a spiritual touch to her musical compositions.

Brooklet, Georgia – June 16th, 2021 – young and budding artist Freya Kennafr is a relatively new addition to the world of Pop. Breaking out as a singer and songwriter in the year of 2019, Freya is set to make a name for herself in the music industry, especially in…


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A breath of fresh air in the music industry: Introducing to the masses, Hudson

Through his incredible and compelling live and studio tracks. Hudson can prove to become the next big thing in the music industry. Due to his diverse range of music, with various genres

West Haven, Connecticut – (press release date) – Rising artist Hudson, is a versatile musician who has released unparalleled tracks belonging to a number of genres. With the release of his brand new  album, titled ‘Live and Evil,’ in the month of April  2021.…


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With two back to back albums called ‘The Marauder’ Volume 1 & 2: Presenting to the World Anthony Vex.

Melding the genres of Hip Hop and Rap to come up with unique and enlivening compositions, Anthony Vex is ready to become the next big thing in the music scene.

Kalamazoo, Michigan – June 15th, 2021 – singer and songwriter Anthony Vex is an emerging artist from the US. As an artist, he has incredible expertise in the genres of Rap and Hip Hop. Releasing two new simultaneous albums titled ‘The Marauder Vol 1 Pride’ and ‘The Marauder Vol 2…


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Unique Spanish Flow and Innovative Latin Urban Music: Eclectic Artist MCMECHANIKO JTG Inspires Listeners Once Again

Changing the game for stirring Puerto Rican styled Latin music, budding recording artist, MCMECHANIKO JTG is driven to break into the musical world, while inspiring rappers to seize their goals.

Boston, Massachusetts – June 15th, 2021 – Rising the ranks to become the refreshing and memorable new face of Latin music, talented sensation, MCMECHANIKO JTG is sending waves throughout the musical…


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Breaking Through Boundaries with Stunning Hip Hop: Michael Mastecki’s Mastecki Records Set to Dominate

With a series of stirring and fascinating musical compositions, Mastecki Records is set to become a moving force in the world of Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap, driven by a thirst to captivate listeners with unique and powerful soundtracks.

Malmö, Skåne, Sweden – June 13th, 2021 – Already soaring to new heights, and growing into a powerhouse, Mastecki Records continues to bring stunning undiscovered talents to the forefront. Having already amassed…


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Fusing Electronic music, Funk, and Pop with finesse: Presenting to the world Gogo Vagena.

Through her compelling and unparalleled Funk and Pop compositions, Gogo Vagena is well on her way to take over the scene of Electronic music in the near future.

Athens, Attica, Greece – (press release date) – artist Gogo Vagena is an emerging talent in the music industry. She has great expertise in the genres of Funk, Pop, and Electronic music. Her brand new single titled “Don’t Stop” is set to be released on June 26th, 2021. With the release…


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BAIBA's New Album "Lighter" is Out Now!

Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria, May 25th, 2021 - Pink skies and black water. "Lighter" seeks beauty in all of life’s facets. It respects the pain, celebrates the joy, its basses vibrate through our veins, and the voice leaves us wondering. Is she happy, is she sad, is it actually possible to differentiate? The album is a collection of songs that have been written in several past years. Moving away from the melancholic singer-songwriter corner, BAIBA has not lost her…


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Embrace Hope and Warmth with Gospel Rhythms: Eclectic Artist Claire Odogbo Releases New Single

Sharing her soulful passion for Gospel and Pop rhythms, rooted in moving Christian roots, budding singer and songwriter, Claire Odogbo is driven to light the way forward for all listeners with moving single “Robed in His Righteousness”.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – June 14th, 2021 – A devoted worship leader, seasoned vocalist, and captivating songwriter, Claire Odogbo is sending ripples in the rich and riveting genres of Pop and Gospel,…


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Upbeat and Enlivening Pop Mixes: French American Artist Vic Jard Releases an Anthem for the Ages

With his stirring new single, dominated by seasoned vocals and electrifying instrumental usage, budding 18-year-old singer and songwriter, Vic Jard is driven to capture the true spirit of the season, and of the enriching Pop genre.

Miami, Florida – June 11th, 2021 – An up-and-coming singer and songwriter, Vic (Victor) Jard is a true sensation, when it comes to painting vivid imagery, by use of stirring and heartfelt lyricism. With the release…


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New and Upcoming: Enterprising Artist #YoBoY D-maxx100

The world of rap finds another aspiring addition to it

Las Vegas, Nevada – March 13th 2021 – New artist #YoBoY D-maxx100 is a one-person rap powerhouse. The solo singer plus songwriter is ready to introduce his brand of music to the world. Rap music has always been a sign of resistance, used to bring forth topics that would not normally find a willing audience. Artist #YoBoY D-maxx100 wishes to tap into the same tradition. He believes his…


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