Saturday, December 12th, 2009
APW Kristmas Kaos 2009
The (In)Famous APW Garage, Hayward, CA
DOORS OPEN: 6:00pm
BELL TIME: 6:30pm

Main Event
APW Universal Heavyweight Championship

Malachi (C) vs "Old School" Oliver John

The newly crowned champion, MALACHI will be making his first title defense
since winning the championship last month against Dylan Drake. Malachi
has claimed he will go down as the most dominant APW Universal
Heavyweight Champion in history and make the dominance of Max Justice's
title reign from of 1999 seem like kids play.

NWA Heritage Champ and former two-time APW Universal Heavyweight Champ "Old School" Oliver
John has been on a successful path to the Universal title since his
rematch for the title with Dylan Drake back in May of this year.
Derailed by his war with The Association, "Old School" hasn't concerned
himself with the championship, but more on revenge. Since then he is
right on track to the championship. If you also remember it was Malachi
who turned his back on Oliver John to join the Association, so not only
is this a chance to regain the APW Universal Heavyweight Championship a
third time, but also get revenge.

At Gauntlet To The Gold, Oliver John won three matches in the Gauntlet pinning Vinny Massaro,
Corvus, and defeating the 399lb Larry Blackwell by countout. After he
pinned Massaro, he was blind sided by Vinny's "Snoring Elbow" finishing
move. Groggy and concussed, Oliver John fought his way and then ran
into Malachi. Many speculate if Oliver John was 100% when he met
Malachi in the Gauntlet, it would have been Oliver John winning and not

"British Wrestling Rules" Match
APW World Wide Internet Championship

"The British Messiah" Timothy Thatcher (c) vs. Mr. Wrestling #4

The match has been agreed upon by both parties as well as the APW Board of
Directors and the Pro Wrestling Council. They are as follows:
1 ) Match will feature 6 five minute rounds.
2 ) Closed fist is banned
3 ) Referee can issue a YELLOW CARD for rule infraction. Wrestler will be disqualified if he receives 3
4 ) To win you must score TWO FALLS (pinfall or submission) or score one knock out.
5 ) Round ends by time limit or fall
6 ) Can not attack a downed competitor once contact is broken
7 ) Competitors have a 10 count to reach their feet once contact is broken.
8 ) Both wrestlers are allowed to have one second accompany them to ringside.

Special Stipulation Match
"Big Country" Jody Kristofferson vs. "The Boss" Derek Sanders

Yet another return match between these two in which Sanders has won every
match, but all of them by the use of underhanded tactics. If the rookie
Jody loses, he must say live on the microphone that Derek Sanders "is
the greatest wrestler alive today."

Non-Sanctioned Special Stipulation Match
"Double D" Dave Dutra vs. "The Nice Guy" Vinny Massaro

At our last Gym Wars event, "The Nice Guy" Vinny Massaro brutalized
"Double D" Dave Dutra when he took the the belt from referee Jon
Roberts and whipped Dutra, leaving welts and bruises on the youngsters

Later that evening, "Double D" Dave Dutra stormed into APW Commissioner, JJ Perez's office and demanded another match with Vinny
Massaro at Kristmas Kaos. Dutra not only wanted another match, but he
wanted a special stipulation added. That stipulation was that the loser
would have to take 10 LASHES with a leather belt!.

JJ Perez said this match was too violent for APW, but understood that Dutra wanted to
get his revenge on the Association leader, and decided to allow the
match to take place at KRISTMAS KAOS, but it would be a NON SANCTIONED

Will Vinny once again give Dutra a brutal beating or will "Double D" finally have his revenge?

Tag Team Match
The Reno SCUM (Adam Thornstowe & Luster "The Legend") w/??? vs. Late
Nite Prime Time ("Wrestling Personified" Rik Luxury & Mr. Prime
Time) w/Markus Mac

At our last Gym Wars event on November 7th, it was scheduled to be a
Halloween Hell rematch between Reno SCUM and Late Night Prime Time.
But, Mr. Prime Time did not appear and his manager, Markus Mack claimed
he was filming a movie in Hollywood that was paying not only MPT a lot
of money, but Markus was getting his percentage as well and that movie
was more financial rewarding then to compete against the Reno SCUM.

APW Commissioner, JJ Perez forced Markus Mack to find a partner for
"Wrestling Personified" Rik Luxury to team with or Markus himself would
have to team with Luxury and face The Reno SCUM. Markus was able to
retain the services of Brandon P. Net for the match. Luxury and Markus
used P. Net to do all the work and bailed out on their partner for the

APW Commissioner, JJ Perez has signed once again a match between The Reno SCUM and Late Night Prime Time, but this time if
anyone or both members of Late Night Prime Time fails to show up at
Kristmas Kaos on Saturday, December 12th, then one or both men WILL BE

The Reno SCUM is excited that finally they will have an opportunity to get
Late Night Prime Time in the ring again and they applaud APW
Commissioner, JJ Perez for putting the added pressure on Markus Mack's
team. The Reno SCUM have also said that they will have someone at
ringside to watch Markus Mack and make sure he doesn't interfere.

Singles Match
Dylan Drake vs. "The Wrecking Ball" Paul Isadora

Dylan Drake held the APW Universal Heavyweight Championship from December
6th, 2008 to November 7th, 2009. Dylan Drake took on any and all
contenders All Pro Wrestling put in his way. Many pro wrestling experts
say it was one of the greatest title reigns in APW history. But, those
experts also wonder can Dylan regain the APW Universal Heavyweight
Championship. In his title loss to Malachi, he was dominated by The
Association's monster. Dylan showed guts and heart like he always does,
but he did not have any answers in countering Malachi's power game.
Dylan Drake wants to prove that he can once again be the APW Universal
Heavyweight Champion. He wants to prove that he can defeat Malachi. The
experts and APW fans have debated that if Dylan would have locked on
that sharpshooter finishing hold, that he would have defeated Malachi.
It was clear in the match that Malachi had that move well scouted. Not
only did he use power to get out of the hold, but also skill with
strong hip movement in a crucial point in the match.
Was Malachi just too much man for Dylan to handle inside the squared circle? A few
weeks after Dylan's match with Malachi, he went to the APW offices and
asked the APW Commissioner, JJ Perez to put him in a match with an
opponent Malachi's size or bigger. Dylan Drake wanted to prove that he
can not only defeat the much bigger wrestler, but make him tap to the
APW Commissioner, JJ Perez went out and found a man who is the biggest wrestler on the Northern California wrestling scene
today, "The Wrecking Ball", PAUL ISADORA!
"The Wrecking Ball" over the last few years has been crushing opponent after opponent on the
"NorCal" wrestling scene. His dominance has gotten him a lot of
attention from promotions overseas and also here in the United States.
This giant of a man stands 7ft TALL and moves very well for his size.
Dylan Drake wanted the biggest and baddest man that All Pro Wrestling can
find and he has got him on Saturday, December 12th at Kristmas Kaos.
Can Dylan Drake get back on the title trail and overcome "The Wrecking
Ball" Paul Isadora? Or will the Isadora crush the former Universal
Heavyweight Champion?

Six-Man Tag-Team Match
"Out Of Control" Matt Carlos
"Hard" Cory Dayton
"The Mountain From Stone Mountain" Larry Blackwell
Vennis DeMarco
Corvus Ventura

Also signed is a SIX MAN TAG TEAM match pitting the very popular trio of
"Out Of Control" Matt Carlos, OMEGA, and "Hard" Cory Dayton taking on
"The Mountain From Stone Mountain" Larry Blackwell, Vennis DeMarco and

Also Matthew Theall is has returned from his one month long talent search
for someone to manage in All Pro Wrestling. Theall still has his sights
on managing Mr. Wrestling #4 and he has once again paid for time at
Kristmas Kaos and will be offering Mr. Wrestling #4 opportunity to be
managed by him. Matthew Theall says at Kristmas Kaos he will be
managing the popular masked wrestler.

APW KRISTMAS KAOS 2009 is on Saturday, December 12th at the historic APW Garage in Hayward, California.
All open reservations have been filled, but you can still catch this
incredible show, admission is simply 3 cans of food, and an unopened
toy for donation to Toys for Tots!

The (In)Famous APW Garage
21063 Cabot Blvd.; Suite #1
Hayward, CA 94545

Also Appearing
Jeckles the Jester w/ Freckles
"The Latin Dragon" Junior Morale
"The First Class Male" Steve Stamp

Check out for more information, and follow APW on Twitter at

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Comment by Joseph D. on December 12, 2009 at 1:05am

Hello All Pro Wrestling fans,

All Pro Wrestling has always been honest and truthful to their fans. Due to the servere weather conditions this weekend, there is a SLIGHT chance that some of the APW wrestlers coming out of state will not be able to compete this Saturday, at Kristmas Kaos. Those wrestlers include, APW Universal Heavyweight Champion Malachi, The Reno SCUM of Adam Thornstowe and Luster The Legend, “Hard” Cory Dayton, and “The Wrecking Ball” Paul Isadora. On Saturday morning we will give you a final update.

But rest assurred, Gym Wars will go on as promised! There is still plenty of intense APW action that is sure to take place in the WORLD FAMOUS APW Garage.

Worried about the cold? There will be exclusive APW Sweatshirts available for purchase at KRISTMAS KAOS!

Not getting enough APW? Fans in the Bay Area, catch us on KFTY, Channel 50, Digital 199 every Saturday morning at 11:00am for APW on TV!

Check out for more information, and follow APW on Twitter at


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