My Interview With Popa Wu – Respected Leader & Father Of The Wu Tang Clan

By: The Consultingguy

It was a blessing and also an honor to come into contact with Popa Wu during my visit to New York about a month ago. It was ironic that I met him through a friend of my cousin as we drove along in Brooklyn. I had just finished reflecting on the documentary that described the tragic loss of beloved member of the Wu Tang Clan, ODB. Of course my cousin’s friend has been in the industry as an actor for more than 10 years, and he knows everyone who is anyone in the game in New York. It was a surprise to me to have learned that my friend of the family grew up with most of the Wu Tang Clan and he has known Popa Wu for most of his life. Popa Wu was very modest and informative with his words of wisdom and subjects of interests. From topics on our new President, to leadership qualities, as well as real estate, Popa Wu has a logical explanation and opinion about them all.

After returning to Boston I called Popa Wu to arrange an interview to write this piece and coordinate his interview with Lush radio online. It was a very interesting experience to listen to his thoughts about the hip hop game and to gain insight on the direction and future of the Wu Tang Clan.

I really wanted to know what is the next step for the Wu Tang Clan? Do the Wu members want to reunite rather than pursue solo gigs? And how often does everyone get back together to exchange ideas? Without hesitation Popa Wu said, “They are all grown up in the mind now, they are all to going in their own directions now.” Even though each member is going in their own direction with their music it is clear that Popa Wu is the leader that The Wu Tang Clan listens to for advice and guidance.

As a leader Popa Wu is always there for his team to give them direction and clarity for each members creative work. Popa Wu stated, “You know I had to give the Chef the recipe for his next album Build For Cuban Linx II.” This statement led to my next question I was actually itching to ask during our interview, so I asked him can I tell everyone on the internet what label RAEKWON is dropping his next album on? Popa and I had a quick chuckle about this question and he stated, “As the spring time approaches closer everyone will find out then when Cuban Linx II drops.” I guess I am going to have to keep it a secret for now for all RAEKWON’s fans.

Everyone knows the struggle Wu Tang had to go through in order to make a deep impact on hip hop and rap, so I asked Popa Wu After all the hard times when did you know that Wu Tang was going to make it? Popa Wu stated, “I knew they would be a success when they first started, the sword style was something new and different.”

I also wanted to know since the game is always changing I asked Popa Wu what is your message you would give to up and coming rap groups? Popa Wu responded frankly by saying, “get your own sh*%, create your own label, be your own boss, make everything work for you. Artists and groups in these days have the power of the internet, and you only have one shot to make a name for yourself and shine.”

I could tell from Popa Wu’s commanding nature and as a leader that he’s not the type of person that has time for games so I asked him in one sentence how would you best describe the type of person you are? Popa Wu said, “Through Islam and righteousness I fear no one. As a leader I want to walk site by side with other leaders who understand the God that we have within our self.” Popa Wu went on to state that he is the mental analyzer of every situation he encounters and he stays humble, but don’t cross him.

I was also curious to know since Popa Wu is an individual that has traveled the world and in fact he has been around the world three times already. So what keeps him grounded in NY? Popa Wu answered, “It is the history, I have a home down south, but I have deep roots here in NY.” Popa Wu went on to tell me a little known fact that his grandfather actually founded the first Baptist Church in NY in 1907. So I really began to truly understand his connection to spirituality and giving positive advice to others.

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