Self made Super Stars Shine Bright in #IGrind Magazine

Remember waiting on that next issue of The Source, VIBE, Yo!! Raps, XXL, and other Hip Hop Magazines, just to see if your favorite Emcee made the cover and to get the real news behind the scenes of hip hop?? Well so does #IGrind magazine, and they are trying to bring that old feeling of nostalgia back.

   Over time the internet killed the sales of magazine prints. And also, had everyone running to be the first to tell anything never knowing what was trending next. This has been a major cause of the wack artists that saturate the hip hop culture today. With media outlets basically just "looking" for news, anything goes. No more talent, no more grind, no more respect paid to those who made their own lane. Whoever everyone else says is popular, or who ever has paid, makes the release list for the day. 

  #IGrind Magazine strives to change that. With no real website promotion and no real social media marketing, they release monthly issues of their magazine. Which are then available for free digital reading or physical copies delivered right to the readers door. For very decent prices. And hip hop heads, readers and artists alike, are flocking to the publication.

   But the only way to make the magazine, is too actually be grinding your brand. From Hip Hop artists to producers, jewelry makers to independent radio show hosts and owners...#IGrind looks to feature those who are building their own industry. We're told that is what they pride themselves feature those who deserve recognition...and not those who have bought recognition.

   Having started beginning of 2016, #IGrind released 8 issues in just 10 months. Their covers featured amazing grinders. A gore-hop femcee who tours regularly and sells out shows, creator of an independent music video show that airs in 30+ cities across the country, a west coast gangster rap originator and legend, an underground artist who sold over 150,000 units independently and a Chicago artist who has many many videos and songs with top selling Djs and artists, as well as a deal for years with Waka Flocka, but chooses to remain independent and underground. All of them built themselves from the ground up.

   Although #IGrind said they never really wanted to feature the names already heavily known, they won't hesitate to feature anyone from underground to mainstream in their project and video reviews. They are fair, yet brutally honest. In this writers opinion, I think it is great publicity to have your latest project or video reviewed next to top selling artists. And actually get a better review!!

   Each issue is short with about 4-5 informative artist interviews. A few ads, but what we really enjoy are the final pages of each issue titled, "Back Room Discussion." For any up and coming recording artist, entrepreneur, or flat out legitimate hustler, this is almost a blueprint of ways to move in the game and what to watch for. Its interesting the topics they choose to cover as some of them are the most important, yet least discussed.

   When we spoke to representatives of the magazine, they said they plan to continue exactly what they were doing.."if it ain't broke, why fix it". We were told they are always looking for new artists to feature and the ones with extensive history can make the cover. "It's not a popularity contest" of the editors said, " if one artist has 11 videos with 120 views, and another artist has one video with 60,000 views...we will most likely be interested in speaking with the artist with 11 videos. He shows that he is grinding. And that's what we celebrate...the grind."

   You can check out all the issues on magcloud by following the link below. And any one interested in featuring in a future issue can contact #IGrind Magazine at

Click HERE to View Issues of #IGrind

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