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Brotha Yannick Creates Award-Winning Pop Music

Bringing Hip Hop a much-needed feel of authentic and raw lyricism, Brotha Yannick uses musical compositions to narrate important messages and stories

Santa Maria, CA – February 19th , 2021 -  An up-and-coming artist and musician, Brotha Yannick is all set to use his musical compositions to highlight the trials and tribulations he has felt throughout his life and the obstacles he has had to face.

His musical albums remain unique and…


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Flyght Club Unveils New Single, “Those American Eyes”

Lookout for Flyght Club’s Latest Single About the American Dream

Los Angeles, CaliforniaFebruary 28, 2021 – Shauvik Sharan came to Los Angeles from Pune, India, in the hopes of making it big in the global music industry. This move paid off with his musical project, Flyght Club. Flyght Club created his own genre that explores popular music types, resulting in…


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New Album From Sonomi Nabors

Newly Anointed Gospel Album ‘Hold On’ Available Now!

Jurupa Valley, California -  Some are just born to make music. From very young ages, certain individuals are just drawn to the beauty and thrill of music and continue to flourish from then on. Sonomi Nabors is one of these individuals that was just born to make music.

From the tender age of seven, Sonomi has been involved in music in some form or the other. In Church, her mentor was…


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Solar Facts and his Label Indestructable Entertainment are on the Rise

Queens Village, New York - Solar Facts has been working diligently to create better production and sound quality that is outside the box and, ultimately, what he feels is real hip hop. Solar was once approached, at a young age, by a producer who took a liking to his sound and had the idea that Solar should make lyrics to the first Batman movie and title himself as The Joker. Solar refused. Although this might have been a quickly to make money and be heard, he also…


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Healing Trauma with Evocative Music and Expressive Art

Healer/musician/composer Alain Amouyal aspires to ease the world’s pain — one melody at a time

Making a difference in mental health and emotional well-being, dentist/musician/composer Alain Amouyal is the creative benefactor of psycho emotional therapy that triggers cathartic healing. Blending evocative music with artistic expression and…


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Sophia Gonzon Captivates with “Dancing with the Devil”


Sophia Gonzon

PHOTO CREDIT: Taraneh Jafari |…


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New Single From D.S. Wilson Just Released

Check out D.S. Wilson's energizing Jazzfunk single “Proceed With Caution”.

Chicago, Illinois - February 26, 2021 - Jazz has always been one of the greatest genres. The lilting notes of a saxophone and the trilling sounds of a piano manage to elicit emotions from even the coldest of hearts. D.S. Wilson is all set to capture a few hearts with his new music.

In January, D.S. Wilson released the first single, “Metro,” from his album that…


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Roam Like Ghosts Weaves Authentic Americana with Alternative Music

With soulful and rich acoustic music emanating emotive warmth, Roam Like Ghosts are all set to use their roots in alternative and draw on life experiences to provide much-needed escape in such strange times.

Reston, Virginia – February 26th, 2021 - Up-and-coming musical collective Roam Like Ghosts are all set to release their brand-new album titled ' that place you call home' on February 26th 2021,…


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'For Ever Phamou$' - New Album Released by Mr. Phamou$

Minneapolis, Minnesota - New Age Rap isn’t the most universally accepted genre. Many rap fans are clinging to the past, claiming these new age rappers to be mere shadows of the legend from before. However, artists like Mr. Phamou$ are reminding everyone why new age rappers aren’t meant to be taken lightly.

Mr. Phamou$ is a New Age Rapper from Minneapolis who has been recording music since 2017. His aim is to create original music that gets his audience up and…


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New Album From Musiq/Musiq Records

Musiq/Musiq Records Releases New Album and Record Label

Baker, Louisiana - February 14, 2021 - There aren't many record labels that simultaneously promote themselves and their artists. Fewer record labels actually have all their artists collaborate on one album. Musiq/Musiq Records is breaking all these stereotypes and doing something completely unique. Whether it is R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, or Soul, there is every imaginable genre under Musiq/Musiq…


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New Album From Steven Yvann Bogstean Siskysko Elenson

Check Out The New Album ‘Police Come For Kill Me’

Paris, Ile de France, France - February 15, 2021 - Rock music is not for the faint of heart. Despite the reputation that Rock has in the world today, the music that comes out of the genre is enough to have the hardest of heart swaying. With lyrics that will inspire, elate, and bring you to tears, Rock music is the stuff of legends. A new player in the industry is Steven Yvann Bogstean Siskysko…


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UGO: Exquisite Hip Hop and Unique Afrobeat Compositions

With striking and fresh Hip Hop compositions, UGO is all set to become an up-and-coming sensation creating music with rich and masterful lyricism and refreshing beats to vibe along to any place and any time

Berlin, Germany – February 7th, 2021 –  An up-and-coming musical sensation UGO is on the pathway to success with the release of a fresh new album that is bound to mark UGO’s big breakthrough in the musical industry. Creating masterpieces…


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Homeless to Hopeful: A Promising Career

Overcoming homelessness, addiction and mental health issues for a promising career in rap/hip-hop

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada -  In the rapping game for over 15 years now, Kells The Ghost has released various mixtapes over the years, hosted by the likes of Nasty One, DJ Kris Styles and DJ Young Cee, and has performed at various shows. He overcame doubtful odds and tells his story through often grim, realistic storytelling. Only time will…


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Introducing Contemporary Urban Jazz Maestro Al DeGregoris

Contemporary Jazz At Its Finest In "Sandbox" By Al DeGregoris

Garden City, New York - February 11, 2021 - Appreciating jazz doesn't take a trained ear for music or a special inclination to saxophones. All it takes is a dedicated artist and a great arrangement. Thankfully, Al DeGregoris is there with a steady supply of contemporary jazz melodies.

As an artist, Al DeGregoris has known to bide his time in the world of contemporary urban…


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Raynald Grenier Releases Album, ‘DOLCI MOMENTI Doux Instants - Sweet Moments’

Check Out Raynald Grenier’s Latest Release of Classical Compositions

Quebec City, Province of Quebec, Canada – February 22, 2021 – Raynald Grenier is a classical composer who has devoted his life's work to musical creation. Before becoming a prolific composer, Raynald did cultural events as a part of various vocal and musical groups. Now, he has taken up the work of creating…


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Female Vocal Powerhouse rocking Heavy Metal: Presenting to the World Master Dy

With their strong heavy riffs set against the clarity of female vocals, the mysterious and enigmatic upcoming band Master Dy is a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to the iconic and characteristic genre of Heavy Metal

Porto, Portugal – February 22nd, 2021 - A strong and iconic team of musicians, the up-and-coming Master Dy band has a strong theatrical component, addresses themes around metal and the occult in a comical way without…


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Meet The New Rapper Taking Over Mississipi

New Rapper Thug Releases New Music!

Winona, Mississippi - Hip Hop and Rap have never faded from the spotlight. For a good few years, the music created by rappers and artists from the genres was groundbreaking. From social justice cries to heart-wrenching tales of heartbreak, the genres had it all. Now, there’s a new artist, Thug, who is joining the ranks of these legends.

Thug is a new emerging rapper and hip hop artist who has big…


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Creating Magic with Stunning and Award-Winning Pop Music: Presenting to the World Ali Pahlavan

With stunning and splendid vocal spirit and strong, soulful lyricism, Ali Pahlavan is a true force to be reckoned within the industry as he prepares to conquer with exciting and stunning musical compositions.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  –  February 19th , 2021 - An up-and-coming artist and musician, Ali Pahlavan is a true and authentic force in the industry of Pop, creating soulful and relatable tracks that truly encapsulate his…


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Salli Edwards Unveils Her First Album, ‘Revolving Doors’

Listen to Salli Edwards’ Latest Releases for Musically Diverse Tunes

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – May 7, 2021 – For years, Salli Edwards worked as a journalist writing about various topics. Her writing experience, combined with a love for music, has turned Salli into a performer. The artist captivates listeners today with her folk and pop tunes and storytelling stylistic singing that has some elegance to it.

‘Revolving Doors’ is…


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Creating Fresh and Striking Rap and Hip-Hop Music: Presenting to the World Yuce’s New Album “Talking Bout”

With strong and unique vocal brilliance and absolutely stunning craft and lyricism, Yuce is all set to take the Rap and Hip-Hop musical industry by storm, creating musical compositions that not stimulate and inspire listeners

Boston, MA – January 29th, 2021 - Taking the Rap world by storm, Yuce’s stunning new album having released on 31st December 2020 is sure to take the up-and-coming singer and song writer to new heights. The fresh new…


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