Keisha Liu- Are you feeling me featuring: The New Boyz

Keisha Liu- Are you feeling me featuring: The New Boyz


-Are you feeling me-

Introducing: KEISHA LIU!

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Keisha Liu’s growing love affair with music has been nurtured since an early age. Sincerity wraps itself around each heartfelt word, “Music has been my passion for as long as I can remember; it’s definitely my life.” As a happy-go-lucky toddler she was encouraged to sing. “When I was younger, my mom used to have me sing in front of keyboards for church. She used to have me do it for fun then she really noticed I had talent,” Be it in the pristine confines of a sanctuary, or a school talent show, Keisha Liu was ready and willing to sing, sing, sing!
That innate talent is being cultivated and is growing more and more each day. After many on the spot performances for friends family and local talent shows, Keisha began to truly recognize the gift that she has been blessed with.

The overwhelming feeling of appreciation and acceptance that she gained while singing and dancing in front of packed crowds was the catalyst that nudged Keisha to embrace the spotlight. She remembers, “That’s the reason why I got more serious with it. As I started to perform at different churches and community events I really started to feel sure of myself as an artist.

With my family behind me I just went out there and did it. That’s part of how I became who I am.” As a young lady that is transitioning into womanhood, Keisha’s grounded foundation is an essential element in her becoming a success. Although the music business can sometimes be an overwhelming and tainted industry Keisha strives to remain rooted in her morals. Rather than becoming a victim of stardom she plans to thrive as a role model. Keisha explains, “I grew up in a really religious household. I really didn’t go to a lot of parties and stuff like that. I was dedicated to my school work.” That dedication will be demonstrated as Keisha Liu seizes her opportunity to live out her dream. The responsibility that she accepts will be displayed and she insists, “I hope to set an example as a good role model for young people.” With a magnetic personality, Keisha Liu will effortlessly evoke a loyal following from both a youthful and a mature demographic. A cohesive theme that penetrates many of LiuLiu’s songs is love.

The age-appropriate way in which Keisha voices her ideas on love is sure to resonate with young and old, alike, “I believe a lot of teen girls will relate to my songs. That’s what a lot of girls are really into, you know, that young love.” In addition to love, Keisha readily identifies with being a natural performer. The dancing ability that she possesses is nothing short of amazing. “I love dancing; I also talk about dancing in a lot of my music,” she admits. The tone of her voice, the organic movement and the stunning beauty that Keisha possesses is an unbeatable combination.

Even while Keisha was part of the teen vocal group Flavaz, her ability as an entertainer stood out amongst the other group members. The two years that she invested into that stage of her career have proven to be invaluable. It was in the midst of learning to harmonize, learning to compromise, and learning to represent herself that Keisha gained her clear sense of self as it relates to being an artist. Eventually, as Flavaz disbanded, Keisha contends, “It was kinda hard on me at first.” The group had quickly become an extended part of Keisha’s family. Be that as it may she remained concentrated on transforming her dream into her reality.

Under the guidance of Producer, Michael Campbell (the man who was responsible for creating Flavaz) Keisha is benefiting from his wealth of knowledge as an industry veteran. Keisha elaborates on her deal as the first artist to be released on Michael Campbell’s record label, Brooklyn West Records who just secured worldwide distribution through Universal Music Group, “I’ve been knowing Michael for years. I love his music and the style behind the way he does things; so, he is the only person that I would actually want to sign with. We are like father and daughter and we have a really close relationship. Working with him in the group Flavaz was a great experience. He really knows the music business and his music is not locked into what everyone else does. I love all kinds of music and the music he and I create reflect that. For him to go from hits in the disco and early hip-hop era all the way to working with groups today like the new boys shows his ability to not only be a trend setter but to stay ahead of the curve that’s and that's why I chose him.”

Serving as the first artist to be released on Brooklyn West Records arouses several emotions within Keisha. “Since I am the first artist everybody wants the best from me. Yes, at times it can be very pressuring; it’s a lot of pressure. It’s kinda scary; but, I’m willing to do what it takes,” the matter-of-fact way she delivers this statement exudes her inner confidence.
“Are you feeling me” which features The New Boyz is the debut effort from Keisha Liu. “I can’t wait for everybody to hear it,”

this record is guaranteed to demand attention. Attention and curiosity will turn into adoration once the public gets to know Keisha Liu. The honesty and sweet personality is sure to touch the heart and mind of all those who hear her. The follow-up single from her album, “You Could Be Alone” will only heighten her ascent to stardom. As Keisha readies herself for the marketplace her competition should take heed, versatility is at her disposal. “I bring different styles to the table. I have Reggae and Go-Go music, Pop, and R&B. There’s no telling what I’m going to do next. That’s what I definitely have to offer.

Confidence punctuates this statement. As Keisha continues to stay positive and focus on having fun she aims to keep the name of God in the midst of her work. With the resilient support of her mother and her close family members, along with her positive outlook, KL is destined to entertain much hard-earned success. “When people aren’t positive their [mindset] things end up going down I have seen it first hand. You’ll start to lose yourself,” the entrenched wisdom in this statement surpasses her seventeen years.

Be on the lookout,
Brooklyn West Records is introducing Keisha Liu, aka Ms. LiuLiu.
The name will become more familiar as she works hard to make her place into R&B history. The waiting has ended and the difference will be heard!


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