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Inspiring Positivity through Electrifying and Rapid Fire rap flows! Emerging Artist Drae Mizphit Unveils Sick New Album!

With his stellar collection of 48 stirring singles, Drae Mizphit puts on a show of unique talent, highlighted by Rap and R&B music, which is both enthralling and engaging, rooted within his own stories.

Phoenix, Arizona - May 5th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and song writer Drae Mizphit is changing the scene for Rap and Hip-Hop music, as he unveils a refreshing and characteristic new R&B and Hip-Hop record. Having independently…


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Music for a Cause, HP & His Hot Take Out Band Are Back with a New Album, Better Than Ever

Join HP & His Hot Take Out Band on their musical journey to provide healing and hope for people affected by COVID 19. The Band is joining hands with the One Square Mile Community Project to make music a source of healing and hope to those struggling around the world.

Stockton, New Jersey - May 4th, 2021 – HP & His Hot Take Out Band is the talk of the town. Speaking to Jersey Beat Magazine, Phil Rainone said, "They are a band that has…


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Lady Bain Releases A New Soulful Album

From tragedy to triumph – Lady Bain, an inspiration

Detroit, Michigan – Lady Bain, musician, writer, and philanthropist, has released her latest album. The album, titled 'Limitless,' was released on March 19th by the Royal Court Records. It was produced by Rod Bass Heavy Tillman. The new artist also signed a distribution deal with Sony Orchard in collaboration with Force Mds.

Lady Bain seems to be on the fast track to success and…


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Introducing the Next Big Name in The Hip Hop Industry: Mone Symone Is Set to Take the World by Storm with Her New Release

A multitalented strong force battling structures of disenfranchisement as she marks the steep ascent in the world of hip-hop, R&B, and Soul- Mone Symone is determined to challenge the odds as she aspires to make it big in the industry with her latest release, ‘Need Somebody’.

Atlanta, Georgia  - 30th April 2021 –  Stories about women making a name for themselves in an industry as male dominated as the sphere of hip-hop and R&B are…


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A Ray of Hope for Beginners in R&B and Hip Hop: Ambitious Talent Raymouton Unearths Poignant New Single

Music, at its best and most personal level, is a medium to not only speak to the soul but also a language by which hearts connect. It is a testament to hours of hard work and creative grit and one’s personal struggles, defeats, and victories. This is how Raymouton perceives music, and how he brilliantly reflects this ideology in his impressive new single ‘Used to Be’.

Stockton, California – 26th April 2021 - …


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Seeking to Provide Motivation and Inspiration Through His Words, Introducing to The World Mr. V. Banks

Mr. V. Banks is an emerging artist, producing music in experimental, Hip Hop and rap genres. Banks describes his music as therapeutic and claims that his sounds can boost the productivity levels of the listeners.

Houston, Texas –    Mr. V. Banks is an emerging artist who is passionate towards working for his career in music. He is a single father who is raising triplets. According to Banks, his triplets are his main source of motivation.…


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Scripture-Inspired Spellbinding Soul and Gospel Music: Emerging Artist Tâmbourine Set to Soar

With her enriching vocal compositions that beautifully meld together Soul and R&B music, Tâmbourine is driven to inspire and motivate listeners, shedding light on touching themes and messages, in her attempt to heal the world.

Surprise, Arizona  - April 27th, 2021 -  An up-and-coming artist who is driven and ready to take the world of Gospel and Christian music by storm, Tâmbourine is a true…


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A Visceral Ambient-Pop Journey Through the Desert: Emerging Artist Dan Desilets Amazes with New Album

Showcasing an immersive journey through splendid use of guitar and instrumentals, Dan Desilets is driven to inspire listeners to follow unknown paths and lose themselves to the enriching vibe of cinematic Pop and Ambient Rock music.


Drummondville, Quebec, Canada - May 3rd, 2021- Up-and-coming singer and songwriter…


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Captivating R&B and Soul Artist Re-Emerges: Contemporary Singer SharaLee Unveils New Track

With a refreshing new face and brand, eclectic vocalist SharaLee is changing the scene for Pop, R&B, and Soul music, as she continues to soar and rise through the ranks with a stirring new single “Love Not War”.

Honeymoon Bay, British Columbia, Canada - March 3rd, 2021 -  An up-and-coming sensation SharaLee is on the right track to become a powerhouse when it comes to producing stunning and sensory…


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Three CDs By Artist Ron "Kelekona" Vanderford Released

Bringing to listeners peace, joy, and healing posthumously

Gold Beach, Oregon – May 1st, 2021 – Musician Kelekona's three CDs have all been released. Titled, 'Kona by The Sea,' 'Simply Slack Key, and 'Aloha Slack Key: A Tribute to Gabby 'Pops' Pahinui.' The artist had always wanted to go international, and it seems his wishes have finally come true. Each of the CDs is a marvel in their own right and have garnered a lot of attention due to the…


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ComeCreate With Illbadaa – A Hub Of Audio & Visual Genius

Illnadaa and Stichnit’s hip hop production company hitting the movie production scene

Stone Mountain, Georgia  –  May 1st, 2021  –  Music and visual art are two media forms that are never too far apart – and as any music lover will agree, good music must accompany a good video. Artists Nigel Greer and Stephanie Greer are a power duo who bring the two art forms together. Owners of a small production company, Illbadaa, aka Nigel Greer, and…


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Budding Artist Releases New Single This Year

Otto Kash is passionate about his music and has plans to take it to the next level

Macon, Georgia  – May 1st, 2021 – Fresh, purposeful, and versatile – this is one of the most accurate descriptions of the artist Otto Kash. This new and upcoming artist composes in the genres hip-hip, R&B, and rap. Passionate about music, Otto Kash has just released his first music project, a new single, which is expected to be widely received.



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Antha Lee, Guelph Based Singer-Songwriter Releases A New Track

Highly motivated and driven, the "Go Getter" artist is set out to inspire all

Guelph, Ontario, Canada – May 1st, 2021 – When it comes to lifting spirits and seeking the brighter side of life, there is no better way to do so than through music. Artist Antha Lee is all set to release a new single, "Go Getter," which is all about taking life by the horns.

For singer and songwriter Antha Lee, her music has a unique place in her life – her…


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Unique Sounds, Creativity, and High-Quality Music; Sergio Lovett Is Back with A New Album to Win Hearts of Music Lovers All Over the World.

Sergio's new album was released on April 9th, 2021, worldwide. His album and the music details are out on his website Sergio's new music is extremely heart-touching and inspirational; this sets his music apart from other musicians in the industry.

Atlanta, Georgia  –  April 30th, 2021  –  Sergio has produced unique music in the Christian, R&B, and Soul genres. Sergio…


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Unique Hip Hop Blends that Inspire and Captivate: Emerging Artist Chil Wil Set to Unveil New Album “Mid City Pack”

With a drive to establish his unique and inimitable musical identity, budding singer and songwriter Chil Wil is on the right track as he sets his eyes on the release of scintillating new album “Mid City Pack”.

Lansing, Michigan - April 30th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Chil Wil is driven to become a powerhouse when it comes to crafting unique and exciting musical compositions, bringing…


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It Is Going To Be A “Shake Boy” Summer With This New Release

Artist Buck Breeze releases a hot new single

New Haven, Connecticut – April 30th, 2021 – Upcoming artist Buck Breeze has announced the release of his latest single, which is also the Shake Boy second single. The first Shake Boy single was released earlier this year, in April. It gained instant success when it was released, reaching over a thousand streams in its first couple of days only. The Shake Boy movement would be incomplete without its…


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Dead by Design Unveils Upcoming Hard Rock EP, ‘Into the Night’

Listen to Dead by Design’s Latest Music Shaking Things Up in the Heavy Music Scene

Seattle, Washington State  – April 30, 2021 – Dead by Design is a rising metal band best known for producing gripping metal rock sounds that suit modern times. Dead by Design consists of Austin Wendfeldt (vocals), Ed Mejia (guitar), Paddy Greene (guitar), and Mikus Pomerenke (bass). Listeners can tell the chemistry between…


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Independent Artist On His Way To Becoming A Sensation

Unsigned, fresh, and talented – hip hop and R&B singer-songwriter LeeSon Bryce

Greenwood, Missouri – April 30th, 2021 – Artist LeeSon Bryce is an independent, up-and-coming musician in the hip-hop and R&B music scene. With big goals and strict deadlines to adhere to, this young phenomenon is one inspirational individual.

LeeSon Bryce's music is a blend of rap and rock music and has often been likened to the work of Kendrick…


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Grady Keenan Melds Country and Gospel Music to Produce Masterpieces

With his stunning and memorable musical compositions, Grady Keenan is getting all the rhythms and tunes right to solidify his position as an independent sensation in the genres of Country Rock and Gospel music

Lockhart, Texas – April 30th 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Grady Keenan is on the right track towards success and growth, as he continues to release memorable and striking tracks and singles.

The artist has already…


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Music Industry’s Newest Addition: Introducing Nathan Wheeler

Nathan Wheeler is set to make an impressive entrance into the music industry. The new EP released includes indie and rock music, showcasing incredible songwriting talent.


Memphis, TN – April 30th, 2021 – Nathan Wheeler has a desire to tell his story his own way. The new singer is introducing himself to the music industry through his already released self-titled extended play record.

The EP is inspired by real-life experiences.…


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