Standing By... - "Chaos Theory" EP + Interview


Chaos Theory lives up to its name, from the transition between the title track and Billy Joel to the fervent trapmetal screams and massive drops on VILLAIN right before capping it off with hip-hop-head vibes. Touching on deep, introspective topics with lyrical precision & reaching deep to unearth the rawest, dopest, crazy sounds- The guys that make up Standing By... have show that they have everything it takes to bring a cohesively chaotic show of craftsmanship that the rap game hasnt seen yet.

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How did you get started in music?
Daylon: I got started in music through freestyle sessions in high school, but I wouldn’t have started to take it seriously and gotten INTO it without my homies to do it with me.

Akya: Music has been my thing forever so since I was like 8 I’ve been making music, talent shows and rapping but with Agu it’s been 3 years

Rece: I got started singing when I was 7 or 8. My grandma heard me sing and put me in the church choir. I didn’t transition to rapping until I was 18 when I met Day and a couple of other homies that convinced me to freestyle a few years after that I met my boy Organic who heard me rap and tricked me into going to the studio to record.

Who and what inspires your sound?
Daylon: Being an angsty mixed kid from Texas, my inspiration comes from a lot of alternative artists, alt-rap included, I just like a sound to be big enough to hold emotion.

Akya: My friends and my experiences in life so far we were all told to never meet you’re hero’s so I never really picked a person in music to look up to. Well… except X, X is the only exception 

Rece: When I started rapping I was big into Flatbush Zombies so I take a lot from Meechy Da

How would you describe your sound to someone who's never heard you?
Daylon: The sickest mix of articulate thought, and 808s you’ll find.

Akya: It’s like if you mixed a college football game and depression and threw a beat behind it 

Rece: That’s honestly kinda tough. It’s a bit of everything taking inspiration from all of our backgrounds and music taste.

What is your ultimate goal with music?
Daylon: My goal is to simply take it as far as I can, I’m satisfied MAKING music more than any job I’ve considered, so I’d like to make a living making music. Anything beyond that is a bonus.

Akya: To build a platform and preach the messages we believe we can help everyone I don’t wanna spoil anything so for now just know big things are coming

Rece: To be able to make it my living whether performing or producing.

What is your newest project "Chaos Theory" about? How has the response been from fans?
Daylon: Chaos Theory is the collective emotions and dreams of everyone who worked on the project, regarding change, to growth, to a new found confidence and certainty. I have yet to get a negative reaction, our fans are real, and real recognizes real.

Akya: CT is exactly what the name implies we took a theme of “darker rap” and threw every bit of talent at the wall until it worked the process of making this EP was just chaotic as well so it was just a fitting name

Rece: To me it’s kinda our we’re here project. Expressing who we are and the frustration of putting in the work and not seeing results while taking pot shots at the mainstream. It’s been good people are excited and giving positive feedback.

What are your plans for the rest of 2022?
Daylon: De-escalating the pressure for the rest of the year, recharging, enjoying life a bit so that things are fresh when we kick back into gear

Akya: We’re relaxing while we can even while making the EP we were dropping new songs every month so we gotta let the Dopamine build back up but we’re still rough drafting song but yeah just taking it easy for a bit 

Rece: Take our talents to a bigger city and get started on performing live.

How can we find you on social media? Any final shout outs?

Daylon: Shoutout to the family that I chose, the guy in the chair, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky.

Akya: Shoutout to the drunk girl who walk into my house by accident as I was writing this 

Shoutout especially to my boys in standing by… other engineer pres for making sure the music is always top tier , our graphic designer taco for helping us design anything standing by @texicokidd on insta, to Bailey for being emotional support and one of our biggest fans 

Shoutout to the people listening YOU WERE HERE FIRST REMEMBER THAT!

And most importantly for me Shoutout to Emily I couldn’t do what I do without her support for my dream 

Rece: Shoutout to the boys. Pres our engineer and Taco who designs most of our artwork. The two lovely ladies Bailey and Emily who put up with our shit and support us fully. Finally Tyler (Organic), Swan, and Kyra without y’all I would’ve never taken music as seriously as I do

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