The Resurgence of a Fiery Pioneer of French Electronic Music – ZANOV Unleashes Futuristic Album \”LOST IN THE FUTURE\”

A musical journey into unknown, ZANOV\’s new album reflects the convergence of technology and humanity, offering a captivating blend of futuristic melodies

L’ISLE D’ABEAU, ARA, France —ZANOV, a trailblazer in French Electronic Music, continues to amaze and bewilder audiences with his latest masterpiece, “LOST IN THE FUTURE.” The new album serves as the musical embodiment of the eclectic ZANOV’s contemplation about the future, weaving together his scientific background, fascination with the distant future, and a steadfast refusal of musical constraints from the past.

“LOST IN THE FUTURE” stands as a proof of ZANOV’s unique approach to music composition. Drawing inspiration from current scientific ideas, ZANOV envisions the most extraordinary discoveries that may shape our future.

In the liner notes, the talented artist ruminates a future where humanity masters gravity, quantum effects, interacts with intelligent robots, cures all diseases, communicates brain-to-brain, exceeds the speed of light, and explores planets beyond our galaxy.

ZANOV maintains a consistent recording setup for this album, utilizing tools like the Arturia Origin keyboard, Access Virus TI keyboard, Arturia MatrixBrute for synths, and a Dave Smith Tempest drum machine. His unique creative process remains rooted in the spontaneous generation of sounds, often occurring during unexpected moments, which he then sculpts into vibrant compositions.

The recording and production of “LOST IN THE FUTURE” took approximately 18 months, a timeframe attributed to ZANOV’s meticulous composition process and thoughtful approach to his music. Despite the extended duration, the album is a testament to his dedication to creating a rich and immersive sonic experience.

Reflecting on his future plans, ZANOV expresses a deliberate openness. While he has a wealth of musical ideas, he chooses not to make concrete plans, allowing creativity to flow organically. This artistic freedom underscores his commitment to satisfying his creative impulses without imposing rigid expectations on his musical journey.

ZANOV’s invitation to explore his music extends beyond the album release. Visit the artist’s website or Bandcamp to experience, download, or purchase his music! Connecting through social media, especially Facebook, provides fans with updates on his musical ventures. The artist remains open to licensing inquiries, offering an opportunity for his distinctive sound to enhance various projects!



In a career spanning decades, ZANOV has proven himself as a pioneer in electronic music. His early experiments in the 1970s laid the foundation for a unique musical universe. After a hiatus, he made a triumphant return in 2014, breathing new life into unreleased material and setting the stage for subsequent albums, including “OPEN WORLDS” in 2016 and “CHAOS ISLANDS” in 2020.

Now, at the age of 76, ZANOV continues to push boundaries with “LOST IN THE FUTURE.” This album not only showcases his mastery of electronic music but also serves as a sonic exploration of the unknown possibilities that lie ahead. As life inevitably changes, ZANOV’s music remains a constant, inviting audiences to ponder the mysteries of the future and the ever-evolving landscape of sound.





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