Val Venis challenges Rik Luxury again

By Joseph Duncan
Wednesday, October 27, 2010 10:24 AM PDT

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. (VP) – October is associated with Halloween, which
besides candy and costumes, is often associated with horror, darkness,
and death. One week before Halloween, Vendetta Pro Wrestling held an
event at The Dome. On this night, The Dome became... the Terror Dome!

While the word 'vendetta' may be part of the name, it is
a word fitting a number of rivalries, including the ongoing battle
between the Ballard Brothers and the team known as SU/KA, the heated
saga between Nathan Graves and Jody Kristofferson, and the continuing
war between Val Venis and Rik Luxury for the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight
Championship. Would things be settled on this night, or would things
only intensify? Could new rivalries heat up as well? Here now are the
results from Vendetta Pro Wrestling: TERROR DOME!

Opening Triforce Match

Ricky Ruffin

Latin Dragon

A “Triforce” match is a Triple-Threat Elimination style match, and this
one began with Ricky Ruffin looking good early on. However, things
quickly took a turn as Kyu eliminated Ruffin first, leaving the two
masked men in the ring. Latin Dragon and Kyu had some good
back-and-forth action, but it was Latin Dragon picking up the win in the

Winner by Pinfall:
Latin Dragon

Singles Match
Bo Cooper
Mario Banks

Rude, crude and tattooed. The big man took the win in this one, finishing Banks off with a Death Valley Driver.

Winner by Pinfall:
Bo Cooper

Vendetta Vixens Match
Jessica James
Former WWE Diva

The “Straight Edge” Diva came out to a great reaction from the crowd at
The Dome. Jessica James performed well in this match, but once
Serena floored her with the Spear, it was all over.

Winner by Pinfall:

Singles Match
to determine the #1 Contender for the
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Championship
Big Nasty”
Jason Watts
The Rock of Love”
Billy Blade
w/ Terra Lynn Calaway

Bakersfield has always had a love-hate relationship with Billy Blade
(mostly hate), but it was clear that the crowd favorite on this night
was Watts. Unfortunately for Watts, he has a temper, and he let it get
to him as he went to a ground-and-pound on Blade, hitting several
illegal closed-fist punches. The referee attempted to get Watts up, but
was eventually shoved away, at which point the match and #1
Contendership was awarded to Billy Blade.
“The Rock of Love” may have left the building with the victory, but
shortly following the decision he received a Chokeslam courtesy of the
“Big Nasty”, to which the crowd approved of loudly.

Winner as a result of a Disqualification:
Billy Blade

Six-Man Tag-Team Match
"Big Country" Jody Kristofferson
The Ballard Brothers
Shane & Shannon Ballard

w/ Buggy
Sunami & Kadin Anthony
"Nightmare" Nathan Graves

The Ballards came out first, along with Buggy, and began their typical
bashing of anything American and reminding us of how they believe
Canada is superior. They then brought out their partner, “the only
American we like”, Jody Kristofferson. As soon as Kristofferson got
into the ring, SU/KA's music hit, only... no SU/KA. Not at the
entrance, anyway, because they came through the crowd, got behind their
opponents, and pulled the Ballards out of the ring. Nathan Graves
eventually joined the mix. Near the end of the match, all six men were
involved in a brawl, ending with SU/KA and the Ballards battling to
the back while the “Nightmare” picked up the win, nailing
Kristofferson with his Ace Crusher-like finisher.
Following the match, Kristofferson began assaulting Graves, ending with
Kristofferson using the grip of his whip while hitting a Double
Axehandle to his downed enemy. Kristofferson then put out the challenge
to face Graves one-on-one in a Texas Bullrope match!

Winners by Pinfall:
Kadin Anthony &
Nathan Graves

Singles Match
Out of Control”
Matt Carlos
Former WWE Superstar
Scotty 2 Hotty

Matt Carlos took this match on short notice, filling in for Vinnie
Massaro, but didn't get a very positive reaction. The youngster got in a
bit of offense on the former WWE Light Heavyweight and World
Tag-Team Champion, but the experience of Scotty—along with The
Worm—made the difference in this one.
After the match, Carlos gave credit to Scotty for a well-fought match,
and the two shook hands. But, Scotty didn't leave it at that, as it
was time to dance, which ended with Carlos doing The Worm.

Winner by Pinfall:
Scotty 2 Hotty

Tag-Team Match
Eric Cross
Tank Alvarado
Dos Perfectos
Jimenez Y Hernandez

In what was to be a rematch from September 2 Remember, Dos Perfectos
now would face one-half of the team they faced previously, as Eric
Cross filled in for Tommy Angels. Cross stated that the “Monster
Squad” would, on this night, be known as “Crossfire”. Unfortunately
for Cross, he is much smaller than Angels, and while he still had the
big tank with him, in the end, it would be Jesse Jimenez making the
pin on Eric Cross.

Winners by Pinfall:
Dos Perfectos

Main Event
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Championship
Former WWE Superstar
The Big Valbowski”
Val Venis
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion
Wrestling Personified”
Rik Luxury
w/ Markus Mac

At September 2 Remember, these two went at it with the Vendetta Pro
title on the line. Because of “The No Alternate” Markus Mac, Rik Luxury
escaped with his title. This time, Markus Mac was to be handcuffed at
ringside. When the Champion and his manager came out, Markus quickly
made it known that he was NOT going to allow himself to be
handcuffed. Shortly thereafter, Vendetta Pro ring announcer and
Commissioner Christian Cole stated that if Markus did not do as
ordered, that Luxury would be stripped of the title and that BOTH him
and Luxury would be fired, effective immediately. Because of this,
Markus reluctantly allowed himself to be handcuffed in the corner.
Near the end of the match, the former WWE InterContinental and World
Tag-Team Champion was setting up for his finisher, the “Money Shot”,
when Markus Mac—who just happened to be handcuffed in that
corner—reached up and grabbed Val's foot. Val kicked him away, and
Markus threatened to hit him with his steel briefcase. Val began to
taunt the handcuffed Markus Mac, so Markus cocked back with his free
arm, when Christian Cole intercepted the briefcase. As soon as the
Commissioner turned back around, he was met with powder in the face from
Markus, which is when Val reached down to grabs Markus and pull him
into the ring. Referee Sparkey Ballard broke things up, but the
briefcase ended up in the hands of Rik Luxury, who whacked Val with it,
and then got the three count to win the match.
Following the end of the match, Val Venis ends the celebration of Rik
and Markus when he gets hold of Markus and delivers a Suplex, and then
follows up hitting the Money Shot! Meanwhile, Luxury was backing
away from the ring, belt in hand, when he was met by Jason Watts, who
chased him back into the ring. Luxury backed away from Watts... and
right into Val Venis! Val and Watts attack Luxury, and finish with
Watts hitting the Chokeslam on Luxury!
The show came to an end with Christian Cole apologizing to Val, who
said that he would be back one more time. Meanwhile, Watts held the
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title belt high above his head, asking the
crowd what they thought. The crowd approved, however, it's Billy Blade
who won the #1 Contendership earlier in the night, so Jason Watts may
have to wait his turn

Winner by Pinfall and STILL
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion:
Rik Luxury

Vendetta Pro Wrestling returns to The Dome in Bakersfield, California on Sunday, January 23, 2011.

For more information, go to the NEW, and
follow Vendetta Pro on Twitter at Vendetta Pro
can also be found on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace!

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